Dear Friends, I am writing to inform you of an important legal decision which may have a dramatic impact on how you are serving your real estate clients. As some of you may know, a panel of judges from the Massachusetts Appeals Court released a decision in the case of Ford v. Carey. The case was brought by a buyer … Read More

70 Something Ways You Could Lose Your Home

There are many title issues that could cause you to lose your property or your mortgage investments. Even the most careful search of public records may not disclose the most dangerous threat: hidden risks. These issues may not be uncovered until years later. Without title insurance from a reputable and financially secure company, your title could be worthless. With the … Read More

What Is Title Insurance And Do You Need It?

Dear Friends, We’re often asked what title insurance is and why our clients should consider buying a title insurance policy. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion around title insurance, so below I’ll outline what title insurance is and how it can save your property. What Is Title Insurance? Simply, title insurance is policy of insurance (technically an … Read More

Is Your Family or Estate Legally Protected?(The Answer is Probably Not…)

Did you know that if you die without a legal Will the State decides how your estatewill be divided and who gets custody of your children? That’s why this issue is just too important to wait… I am frequently asked by my married and single clients, both with and without children, if they really need a Will or estate planning … Read More

Why Every Family Should Have an Estate Plan

Dear Friends, I am frequently asked by parents and those planning for children if they really need a Will or estate planning documents. The simple answer is “Yes.” We all hope that we will not need these legal documents in the near future, but unfortunately, unexpected events do occur. It is these unfortunate and unexpected events that we must plan … Read More